First of all, we just want to tell you how grateful we are that you’re interested in hosting an OPEN HOUSE SHOW this fall. To learn more about how this works, read the information below. We will be accepting the best10-20 offers! The first Open House show will be held in September & the last at the end of November. If you are all set to make an offer to host a show, see the link at the bottom of the page. We will be accepting offers for the next 2 weeks - submissions deadline is AUGUST 19TH, 2019.


How does this work?

Friends, forget about buying tickets, driving through traffic, paying for parking, etc, this time I’m coming to YOU! You throw the party and I will bring the music and stories. Submit your offer below to host your own Andrew Ripp OPEN HOUSE show. Anything goes (living room, backyard, rooftop, poolside, barn, mountaintop, first dance)! 

What does hosting a show look like?

We anticipate each OPEN HOUSE show to last about three hours. This gives us time to hang/eat some food/play bags, etc before the music starts - I want to get to know you guys! My set will last between 60 & 75 minutes in an intimate acoustic setting, usually starting around 7pm when the sun begins to fade. But we are open to shift this around to fit each individual show. Your location will not be made public unless you wish to promote the show locally or through your social media. But you don’t have to worry about random Andrew Ripp fans showing up…unless you invite them :). 

Do I get to choose the date of the show?

The OPEN HOUSE shows will span from Sept 1st - Dec 15th & might require a bit of flexibility on your part. In order for us to route 10 - 20 shows across the entire country we will more than likely be working around other open house shows in your area to make this work. That said, don’t let this scare you. Submit your offer even if it will only work on once specific day and we will do our very best to make it work!

What kind of space do I need to have in order to host a show?

Anything goes! (living room, backyard, rooftop, poolside, barn, mountaintop, first dance at your wedding!) I will provide the music & you provide the venue. This is a private show for you & your friends so anywhere goes!

What if it rains?

You’ll need to have a plan B venue in case of weather (even if that means the garage :-). Often times these turn in to special moments & lead to some of my favorite shows!

It’s your party…you can do what you want to!

Feel free to provide drinks and food for your guests or have them bring there own. It doesn’t matter to me as long as you are set up to enjoy the show. 

How do I pay for this?

It is up to you to submit whatever offer you feel comfortable with. We want you to pay what you can afford. Don’t be shy, no offer is too small, but keep in mind that to make this possible we need to cover our travel costs and overhead. If it helps, have fun with it and partner with friends/family or sell tickets to your own event!

How will I know if my offer has been approved?

If your offer is approved, my team will be emailing you to let you know and sort out the details. We will be choosing 15 - 30 shows that make the most sense. (if your show doesn’t make the cut for this round we will be planning more in the spring of 2020 & promise to keep you in mind :-) 

Make Your Offer.

Congrats on making it this far.. I know thats a lot of info but if you’re still reading, chances are your equally as excited about this as I am. If this is something your jazzed about please send over your offer by clicking the link below. My team will work with you to find the date that works best for everyone! We will be accepting offers for the next 2 weeks - submissions deadline is AUGUST 19TH, 2019. Here we go!!