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"Simple" Available NOW

Today is the day! So excited to share this album with you!


Simple is more to me than just the title of this record & tour. It's the filter I've been striving to live my entire life through. It's putting down the iPhone, closing the computer, turning off the TV and just sitting still. Distractions can be very convincing and they have a way of making me believe that they're more important than having a conversation with a human being. The process of making this record has really helped me to focus my time on the important things in life like relationships, great food, a walk with Mae (my pup), a good book hang by the fire or just sitting in silence. Even right now in this moment I can hear a train whistle blowing in the distance. I doubt I'd be able to hear that beautiful sound over a voice on the tube. It's amazing how much peace I've found in intentionally simplifying my life.

I hope you enjoy! You can get 'Simple' HERE!

Here's a behind the scenes from the making of 'Simple'