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New Music! Spring Tour!

Ok, I have a ton of stuff going on that I'd like to tell you about, fill you in on, get you up to speed with & make you aware of.

1: I'm SUPER thankful for each and every one of you who have supported me over the years. You've allowed me to continue to make music and call this dream of mine a "job". I'm SOOO grateful!

2: I made a video for 'Silent Night' from my 'Light Of Mine' Christmas EP. I had an idea to set up my living room as a winter wonderland and DESTROY it in reverse slow motion while singing the song completely unfazed by the chaotic mess that was taking place around me. You can grab the EP at iTunes or on my Store

3: I have been touring over the past few years with my guitar and a piano which has been how a lot of you were introduced to my music. I've decided to make a record the way you guys have always heard me play... stripped down / acoustic style & I'm calling it 'SIMPLE'. This will consist of 10 songs from the 'Wont Let Go' record and also the cover I did of 'Mirrors', the Justin Timberlake song. As of right now the plan is to release the Simple record at the beginning of the year... As soon as I have more info, I'll let you know.

4: The SIMPLE Tour... Yup, you guessed it. Ill be headlining my own tour for the first time ever in Feb / March 2014! Ill be playing tunes from my NEW Simple record as well as 'Won't Let Go', 'She Remains The Same' & 'Fifty Miles To Chicago'. Also, I'm excited to announce that my good friends 'Judah & The Lion' will be joining me on the road. These guys make fantabulous music and they have great hearts. I love them and I'm sure you will too!

Check out the TOUR PAGE for show info.

5: SET LIST... I'd love your help in choosing songs to play on the Simple Tour. I've been working on the set list but I want to be sure I'm playing the tunes that y'all really want to hear. If you've got an opinion this is your chance to be heard!

Email with the subject 'Set List' with your thoughts / suggestions / bank account information :-) Just kidding but seriously, lemme know!

Much love & see you SOON!!!